Ascend Aviation has teamed up with FlyMachine design company in order to offer our clients the “all in one” comprehensive service. The team of designers specializes in everything from layout, conceptual design & signage to aircraft livery design.

The goal is to bring colour and vibrancy to the skies through the designs. To date, the team has worked on over 150 different aircraft, including corporate jets, helicopters, and airliners.

Advanced technologies and methods are used to create the best possible designs, such as 360º virtual mockups, flyable virtual simulated refurbishments and live on-site livery demos.

The process of designing an aircraft livery is interactive and dedicated to achieving maximum accuracy and effectiveness for your aircraft or fleet.


Here we will discuss your vision and assist to visualize and verbalize your perfect colour scheme and/or interior.

This is typically a 2 – 4 initial concept based on the brief that will be submitted 7-10 days from the first brief. It is designed to help you isolate what you do and don’t like. We have an 80% hit rate of getting it right within the first or second step! Although unprecedented in the industry, we attribute it to getting to know what you want in step one.

Having refined the drafts as many times as necessary to get to the perfect design, your chosen design is rendered in photo-realistic isometric, 3D, virtual renderings or simulation. This allows for the full effect of the design to be appreciated. Sprayout samples and textile samples are also provided or demonstrated for physical and tactile confirmation of your chosen colours and finish.

Once approved, the design is prepped for the applicable method of paint and fitting, whether it be masks, templates, projection or other. We work hand-in-hand with the painters and fitters to ensure maximum adherence to the design spec.

From the start of the process, as well as right through to rollout, you will have the expertise and experience of our original designer at your disposal 24/7.

We also offer an expert team who has worked in various facets of the industry to manage your project and ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met. We also facilitate any additional requests like WiFi installation, AMO involvement, repairs etc.

From delivery to roll out, every minute detail is taken care of by our team through updates. We will effectively streamline changes to the brief and will make it as straightforward and rewarding an experience as possible. However, we do leave it up to you to decide how involved you want to be.

Experience the unmatched level of service, design talent and passion for aviation with our unique agency. Stand out from the rest with our expertise and dedication to providing you with the best.